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Holiday Help For Skin

By November 28, 2020March 15th, 2023No Comments

Holiday Help For Skin!

Holiday films on cable and chestnuts roasting on an open fire may signal the start of the holiday season for some, but for some unfortunate folks, they know it’s that time of year when they start getting breakouts from stress.

If nasty breakouts are in your near future, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from breakouts at this time of year. The holidays can wreak havoc on your skin! The stress, alcohol, sweets, travel, and winter weather are all the perfect storm to cause a nightmare scenario for your skin.

Bad skin tends to be an unwelcome holiday guest from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. Here are some helpful tips for lessening holiday skin despair during the harsh winter months when there is a major disruption to your regular routine.

  1. Get Rest! This does not have to just be sleep finding time to sneak away and meditate can help you calm your nerves and reduce holiday anxiety. You can even take simple calm-down breaks. Go outside, get some air, stretch, and take some much needed alone time!
  2. Never deprive yourself but be mindful of what is going into your mouth! Mixing lots of sugary treats and alcohol together can cause significant breakouts.
  3. Stop the Amygdala hijack! Try to keep your cool when a family member or a friend starts to make you crazy. Easier said than done, right? When stress makes you feel strong, angry, aggressive, or fearful, the fight-or-flight response activates. This often results in an abrupt, illogical, and irrational overreaction to the situation that you may regret later. Did you know that you can prevent or stop an amygdala hijack by breathing, slowing down, and trying to focus your thoughts? This allows your frontal cortex to regain control. You can then choose the most rational and logical way to respond to a stressful situation.
  4. Don’t forget to drink water! Drinking lots of water during the holidays can help flush your system. Drinking H2O is a great way to keep your holiday weight down and your skin glowing. It’s also a great way to break up your alcoholic beverages by drinking a glass of water in between. Alcohol can significantly dehydrate the body. Alcohol acts as a diuretic and tends to dehydrate, so hydrating with plenty of water may also make your hangover less painful.
  5. Take time for skincare! Yup, this one is simple, try and maintain your skincare regime. It may be a bit more difficult due to the time restraints during the holidays. Still, it is vital to continue to use the products recommended by your Laser Lounge Med Spa skin consultant and make sure to book facials in advance not only to beat the crowd but start working on that glow early. Sure we may not be going to large parties this year, but unfortunately, bad skin translates on Zoom too!

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