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GentleMax Pro Laser Vein Removal

Reasons to consider spider vein removal:

* Improve overall skin appearance
* Avoid increased pain and swelling
* Long-lasting results
* Become more comfortable in your own body
* Avoid developing varicose veins

Telangiectasia or Venulectasias, otherwise known as Spider Veins are a common condition that occurs as a result of prolonged standing/walking, pregnancy, hormones, genetics or age itself. Spider veins look like a group of tiny red, blue or purple thread-like veins in the shape of a spider web, close to the surface of the skin. These veins can develop on almost any part of the body and face, but most frequently on thighs, calves, ankles or buttocks. Unfortunately they have the ability to make your legs look old, even if they’re toned.

Together, the long-pulse laser and cooling (DCD) offer optimal treatment with minimal side effects. Laser technology collapses the veins without damaging to the outer layers of the skin. The light pulses are absorbed by hemoglobin (the substance that gives blood the reddish, purple color) and converted into heat. This heat causes the walls of the vein to collapse which, in turn, stops the blood flow. Once this happens, the vein is slowly absorbed into the body, disappearing from sight.

Smaller spider veins may disappear immediately after treatment. Larger spider veins will darken, and you’ll likely see them for 1 to 3 months before they disappear. To get complete clearing, you may need 3 or more treatments.

Results should be noticeable in regard to the appearance of facial veins, leg veins, hyperpigmentation and related conditions in just one treatment, although multiple treatments are recommended for best results. This procedure is non-invasive with minimal downtime. Patients may experience redness and bruising at the treatment site, which usually clears up within a few days, but can last weeks.

Benefits of GentleMax Pro Laser Vein Therapy

Powerful, yet safe for all skin types
Faster procedure than many other vein therapies
Extremely safe, doesn’t harm surrounding skin
Results are longer lasting and aesthetically rewarding
Vein Therapy is less painful than sclerotherapy
Can be used on the face, legs and other parts of the body
Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) is used to increase comfort during treatment

The GentleMax Pro dual laser design means that we can remove unwanted veins on virtually all skin types and skin tone. A special cooling system (DCD) keeps the skin cool in preparation for the laser heat and immediately cools the skin down after. This ensures that you stay comfortable while only the the spider veins are targeted.

Possible Side effects:

Laser vein removal results in rapid healing with minimal side effects. Some patients occasionally blister, experience temporary skin discoloration, bruising and/or reddening of the skin. These conditions usually subside within a few days. Permanent side effects, such as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation or scarring are rare.

What to expect after treatment:

After treatment it’s common to experience some slight discomfort. Many people see redness and swelling in the area, especially within the first few hours after treatment. So what you do afterward is just as important as what you do to prepare.

Post Procedure:

• Do not sunbathe for 2 weeks after the procedure

. Apply sunscreen when exposed to sun

• In the first 2-3 days avoid extremely hot baths and saunas

• Do not use alcohol body lotions for the first day

Avoid working out for the first 48 hours after a session

Treatments start at $250 per session and are priced individually based on the treatment area.

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