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Lipotropic Skinny Shots

What is in a “Lipotropic shot” and how does it help me lose weight? The “Lipotropic shot” is a combination of B vitamins and lipotropic (fat shrinking) agents that help our bodies naturally create and boost energy.

Methionine: Methionine is one of the ten essential amino acids. It is a lipotropic amino acid, which reduces fat and aids in lowering cholesterol.

Inositol: This nutrient metabolizes fats and cholesterol and aids in transporting fat in the
blood stream. It also plays a role in the redistribution of body fat.

Choline: Choline plays a vital role in lipid metabolism, making it a good fighting tool against fat

Vitamin B1: Thiamine helps the body metabolize glucose (sugar and carbohydrates).

Vitamin B2: Riboflavin is a key for metabolizing carbohydrates, amino acids, and fat. Also contributes to healthy vision and skin.

Vitamin B3: Niacin is essential in energy productions and increases calorie burning potential.

Vitamin B6: Important to the immune system and the breakdown of stored fat which leads to
increased energy.

Vitamin B12: Helps with energy production and nervous system function.

Dexpanthenol: This is important for our bodies to properly use carbohydrates, proteins, and
lipids and for healthy skin.

L-Carnitine: Helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart and brain function,
muscle movement, and many other body processes.

B-12 - increases energy levels and concentration

improves metabolism and helps with weight loss

boosts the immune system

helps sleep patterns

supports a positive mood

Skinny shots can be done once or twice a week in clinic.

Single $35
Package of 4 $125
Package of 8 $200



Semaglutide is an anti-diabetic medication used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and chronic weight management. Common brand names for semaglutide are Wegovy and Ozempic.
Semaglutide acts like human glucagon-like peptide-1(GLP-1) such that it increases insulin secretion, thereby increasing sugar metabolism. GLP-1 is naturally produced by our bodies in the small intestines. It helps us to feel full or satisfied after eating. Natural GLP-1 doesn’t last long which is why we fell hungry again a few hours later. Because Semaglutide is a synthetic version of GLP-1 it lasts much longer which is why it’s only injected once a week. It suppresses your appetite leading to consumption of fewer calories. In clinical trials patients lost an average of 15% of their body weight.
Injections are taken once weekly in clinic or at home.

B-12 Injection

Benefits of B12

Increases energy levels and concentration

Improves metabolism and helps with weight loss

Improves sleep patterns

Helps stop certain kinds of hair loss

Enhances healthy cells in nail, skin and hair

Enhances good mood and helps fight depression

Price $20