Our Specialty
Laser Hair Removal

One of the first places to offer Laser Hair Removal in Georgetown, we’re the experts here at Laser Lounge Med Spa. After all, it is part of our name.

Price List

*Our laser can only treat Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV, please see below for more details on skin types.

Upper Lip

Single $35 / $157 pkg of 5


$35/$157 pkg of 5


$35/$157 pkg of 5


$130/$585 pkg of 5


$35/$157 pkg of 5


$35/$157 pkg of 5


$35/$157 pkg of 5

Half Face

$58/$261 pkg of 5

Full Face

$97/$436 pkg of 5

Side Burns

$35/$157 pkg of 5

Front of Neck

$58/$261 pkg of 5

Back of Neck

$45/$202 pkg of 5

Chest (Man)

$130-260/$585-$1170 pkg of 5

Stomach (Man)

$130-260/$585-$1170 pkg of 5

Stomach (Woman)

$97/436 pkg of 5


$195-260 / $877-$1170 pkg of 5


$84/$378 pkg of 5

Extended Bikini

$97/$436 pkg of 5

Women’s Brazilian

$130/$585 pkg of 5

Men’s Brazilian

$260/$1170 pkg of 5

Inner Thigh

$84/$378 pkg of 5

Upper Leg

$125/$565 pkg of 5

Lower Leg

$125/$565 pkg of 5

Whole Leg

$225/$1000 pkg of 5

Upper Arm

$78/$351 pkg of 5

Lower Arm

$78/$351 pkg of 5

Under Arm

$97/$436 pkg of 5

What’s my Fitzpatrick Skin Type

*The Fitzpatrick skin type describes a way to classify the skin by its reaction to exposure to sunlight. The Fitzpatrick skin type depends on the amount of melanin pigment in the skin. This is determined by constitutional colour (white, brown, or black skin) and the effect of exposure to ultraviolet radiation (tanning). Our laser can safely treat skin types I-IV only. In certain cases, we might be able to treat a skin type V but we require a test patch first. Skin types V-VI risk burning and pigmentation issues. Please see the chart below to determine if you are a candidate for a laser hair removal treatment before making an appointment.

The Laser
The Candela’s GentleLASE is the only laser that uses the Dynamic Cooling Device to protect and cool the skin during the laser procedures. DCD maximizes patient comfort and epidermal protection by delivering a shot of cryogen to the skin prior to each laser pulse. DCD reduces the need for cooling gel and topical anesthesia, and permits for quick patient recovery. The GentleLASE has the largest hair removal spot size in the industry, and can deliver fluences up to 100 J/cm2.

Candela GentleLASE (755 nm)
Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Hair Removal Laser.
(Aesthetic Trends and Technology).
Premier Laser for Hair Removal

What can I expect during treatment?
We will guide the laser to the treated areas with a small handheld probe. Each laser pulse may be preceded and followed by a short pulse of cooling spray. Depending on the area and condition to be treated, the treatment could take as little as a few minutes to as long as an hour. During the treatment, some patients may feel a slight discomfort, sometimes described as an insect-bite sensation. This discomfort is minimized by the Candela’s patented DCD cooling.

How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments depends on the treatment you require and the condition of your skin. For hair removal, most people require an average of 5-7 treatments, as the process is only effective when the hair follicle is in its active growth phase.

Love this spa!! Best I have ever been to because of the staff! Laser hair removal is awesome!!

Holly M.Client

Highly recommend this business to anyone looking for professional, friendly, relaxing facial treatments or laser hair removal! The women here are a blessing to me!

Megan B.Client

I love the Laser Lounge! The women here are amazing and super friendly. After only a couple of treatments with Melody for laser hair removal, there has been little to no hair growth. The results have exceeded my expectations. I can’t recommend them enough!!

Danielle R.Client